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Me and My Brothers- Manga Review

This manga was one of the series I started to collect in middle or high school but then stopped and got rid of them before the series completed. Last year at Anime Midwest I found volumes 1-6 as a set and just recently got the remaining 5 volumes off the net to review and possibly keep.

The Plot

Sakura figured after her grandma died she'd be all alone in the world. Imagine her surprise when 4 guys were at the house when she got home from school. The 4 guys explained to Sakura that they are her father's kids from a previous marriage and Sakura is the daughter of their father's second wife and a mysterious ex-boyfriend. So while they aren't blood related brothers they decide to take care of Sakura as if they were. Will 4 boys and 1 girl who haven't seen each other in many years be able to be a family?

My Review

This manga was promising at the beginning with each brother having their own personality. Unfortunately, as I got more into the series it was just your run of the mill romance comedy(as in tons of misunderstandings and stupidity from the couple to be) only difference is she is living with 4 guys who are "brothers" but not blood related so it is okay to love them more then brothers. If you want to read a manga of a reverse harem composed of "brothers" then you may like this.

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