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Metropolis- Anime Review

I'm a huge fan of Osamu Tezuka, and I reviewed a few of his works in the past both anime and manga. I hope to one day be able to review all the anime, but it'll likely take many years. Metropolis is based off the manga Osamu Tezuka created after seeing a single still image of the original Metropolis in a magazine. So, while there is some things similar, it is Tezuka's own version.

The Plot

In the tri-level world of Metropolis Duke Red has created a highly advanced robot named Tima. Unfortunately, his son Rock distrusts robots and plans to destroy Tima. Once lost in the confusing labyrinth of Metropolis Tima quickly makes friends with a nephew of a detective, but when Duke Red separates them Tima's life and Metropolis may be at stake.

My Review

I enjoyed everything, but the end which can be vague on what exactly happened. Tima and Kenichi are great together and it's their bond that really makes this movie work. If you like sci-fi and Tezuka's work, this may be the movie for you.

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