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Midori Days- Anime Review

Midori Days is a handy(pun haha) romance comedy to review for The Month of Love. Midori means green in English so I guess this anime is truly called Green Days. I got this anime from a seller on CL who sold off an entire anime collection to me for a low price and this was one of the few I kept from it as it was a complete series set.

The Plot

Seiji Sawamura's right hand is his ultimate treasure as he can use it to destroy all that stands in his way. He is a tough punk who can easily beat all who stand against him unfortunately this doesn't make getting a girlfriend easily as they are all scared of him.

One day, he wakes up to his right hand no longer a hand but a girl named Midori who made a wish to be by Seiji's side but ended up his right hand girl. Seiji now no longer invincible finds himself in tough situations and has to protect his right hand then use it. Together, Seiji and Midori must find a way to reverse the wish while keeping this crazy situation a secret.

My Review

This anime is a great mix of crazy and romance. With a plot as crazy as a girl on your hand this anime makes it work and runs with it. Midori and Seiji's relationship is fun and often get into chaotic situations due to their current situation. Each character in this show seems important and has their own personality. I will give Midori Days an 8/10 and if you like your comedies on the crazy side give this a shot.

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