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Monkey High!- Manga Review

This is another school comedy for The Month of Love this time between a monkey boy and a cool girl that are total opposites. I found this manga set at Open Books and even though I never read it before I had to get it just for the crazy title. Can you really judge a book by its cover?

The Plot

Haruna Aizawa is a new transfer student at Kito High due to a political scandal involving her father. Once she arrives at her new school she runs into Macharu Yamashita who looks and acts like a baby monkey. While she tries to avoid him she can't help falling for him and soon they go out. Can Macharu use his monkey charm to help Haruna get over her past and get her to feel at home at her new school, or it will go bananas?

My Review

This manga isn't the best but as far as school romance comedies go it's one of the better ones. All the characters grow and learn especially the main oddball couple. This school anime is fast paced and goes through all 3 years of high school in only 8 volumes, so it doesn't drag on for many volumes on just one school year, and I enjoy it more for that. Monkey High! gets an 7/10 for being a great romance comedy that is both short and spans the entire 3 years of high school.

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