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Monster- Anime Review

The Halloweenathon continues with a dark turn. While this series isn't 100% horror, it is a thriller on a serial killer who started killing since he was a small boy, so, I think it qualifies. I saw this series a few times to the end but it's been awhile so let's see how Monster unfolds.

The Plot

Dr. Kenzo Tenma is a hardworking Japanese brain surgeon who isn't thrilled with the political nature of the hospital he works at. When a young boy is brought in with a gunshot wound(with a traumatized twin sister) he chooses to save his life instead of a mayor who showed up later. Unfortunately, this action causes him to not only lose his fiance, but also job credibility. Not long after there is a series of mysterious murders and the twins disappear. Dr. Tenma is suspected for being behind it, as he is the only one who may have benefited from the victim's deaths. It turns out the boy he saved committed the crimes and it up to Dr. Tenma to stop him and clear his name.

My Review

This is one of my favorite mystery thriller series. I find all the characters to be intriguing, and the plot to be deep. Monster is similar to Death Note in not only the animation company(both were made by Mad House), but also it makes you think about your morals and what is right and wrong. If you want a good realistic thriller then this is the one to try this Halloween.

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