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Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun- Anime Review

As I go through The Month of Love, I'm finding most romantic comedies are driven by misunderstandings. I got this series from the Sentai Filmworks Black Friday sale due to the fact I was just short of free shipping and it sounded like fun. Let's hope it is as fun as it seemed.

The Plot

Have you ever been mistaken for your love confession as a job application? Well Chiyo Sakura went through just that while confessing to Nozaki who is a manga artist with a female pen name. Chiyo accepts the job offer as she knows she can be closer to Nozaki if she does as she assists him in writing girl's feelings in his manga series. Will this love end in just a dead end job or will it blossom to a relationship?

My Review

This show is good mindless fun if you just want to watch comedy with no romantic development. The characters are all unique in a crazy unrealistic way. The main couple's relationship never develops beyond misunderstandings and Nozaki using Sakura to make his manga better. There is nearly no character development we never find out Nozaki's last name and no one really seems to grow and learn beyond their crazy personalities. I give this anime and 4/10 for being great if your mind is turned off, or you just want a laugh and nothing else.

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