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My Hero Academia- Anime Review

This anime is one of those "it's so popular that if you don't watch it your behind the times on anime" series. I was nagged over and over by family anime fans to people at cons that I had to see this series as it's one of the best ever. Season 5 just ended so let's review the show as it is.

The Plot

Deku has always wanted to be a hero his whole life, but there is one problem he wasn't born with a quirk(term for super powers) so that dream seems impossible. One day, he runs into All Might the world's greatest super hero who sees Deku's potential and due to his quirk can transfer his powers to Deku. Is Deku's dream to be the greatest hero able to be fulfilled?

My Review

I was dubious at first with this series, but it grew on me. My favorite characters for you fans out there is Shoto, Eraser head, and surprisingly Twice the villain. The 1st season was all on Deku most of the time, but after that the other classmates, teachers, and villains get more time to shine. I look forward to the 6th season release of this series. This series was one of the more I'm surprised I like this as I don't often like super hero series. If you like a show with a lot of personality, super heros and maybe even villains then give it a watch.

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