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My Love Story!- Anime Review

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

My Love Story was very popular when it came out but few people talk about it anymore. What is unique about this romance comedy is that it is mostly from the guy's point of view and he is not your typical "good looking main guy".

The Plot

Takeo Goda is a big guy who is used to falling for girls but they all seem to choose his good looking friend Suna over him. Suna being a good friend rejects them as they all don't find Takeo attractive, and they talk behind Takeo's back. Takeo just longs for the day when maybe someday a girl will like him.

One day, he saves a petite girl named Rinko Yamato from a molester on the train. Rinko thanks Takeo and Suna and bakes them cakes in return. Takeo, so used to girls loving his friend assumes Rinko is the same and tries to set them both up to make Rinko happy. Suna seeing this gets Rinko to confess and then starts Takeo's and Rinko's love story!

My Review

My Love Story was an enjoyable ride from beginning to end. I loved the friendship between Suno and Takeo and the love between Takeo and Rinko. If you are to give the romance comedy genre a go in the world of anime then I recommend My Love Story, with a 8/10.

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