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Nana -Anime Review

Nana is my first Anime I have reviewed on this site that is rated Mature/R. This is due to the fact it has adult themes and shows some sexual content(nothing hardcore mind you). At its heart, I'd say Nana is a Romance/Drama a genre I typically stay away from. I saw this for the first time a long time ago with a friend I am no longer with and dreaming about a boy I am also no longer with. I saw a lot of anime back then but this one is the only one that brings those days back to me. Now, let's check out the plot:

Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaka could not be anymore different despite being the same age, going to Tokyo at the same time on the same train, and even sitting next to each other. Nana K. a naive girl, is going to Tokyo to be with her boyfriend Shoji, doesn't have any dream job or calling, and is fairly into girly fashion. Nana O. on the other hand, is going to Tokyo to make it big as a punk-rock star, she knows exactly what she wants and has a good amount of pride. These 2 girls amazingly not only end up sitting next to each other to follow their dreams of going to Tokyo but end up roommates as well renting a 7th floor walk up 2 br apt number 707(for those who don't know Nana means 7). Can these 2 very different girls live together and follow their dreams without the "demon lord" ruining it all(Nana K. believes the "demon lord" is the root of her unhappiness)?

I know I didn't say much on the plot but this anime is so good I didn't want to risk spoiling anything. This anime will always hold a place in my heart and brings me back to days where I was as naive and dreaming as Nana K.(though I don't believe in a demon lord nor into girly fashion). The anime is one to see if you long for simpler times or want a good anime that focuses on these 2 girls relationship, and the struggles they go through to follow their dreams. A word of note for this anime, the manga was never finished due to the author having to go to the hospital and when she recovered never finished the manga, so the anime may never have a true ending, but the ending it does give is good. I give this anime an 10/10.

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