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Natsuyuki Rendezous- Anime Review

Something like this title isn't really my cup of tea but due to trailers and recommendations on reddit, I figured I'd give it a go. This anime is under the josei genre meaning it is aimed toward adult women. So, this series seems to me a more mature take on a romance, despite the ghosts.

The Plot

Hazuki is in love with Rokka Shimao who owns a flower shop. He takes a part-time job at her shop just to be near her. Unfortunately, her dead husband Atsushi Shimao doesn't like him.

Atsushi has been watching over Rokka the past years unseen by her. The only person who can see him is Hazuki, will these 2 be able to settle their differences for what is best for Rokka?


This was a bittersweet story of love and loss, and who suffers the most the one who is gone, or the one who remains? I feel like I can relate to everyone's side in this, and anyone who has lost a loved one can relate as well. I can't imagine how horrid it must feel to watch over the one you love after you are dead for years when they can't see you. If you want a sad romance on moving on and letting go, then look no further than this ghost story.

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