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Night on the Galactic Railroad- Anime Review

Considering I have a section of my blog dedicated to cats and get cat mystery boxes it is no surprise I love cats. This anime movie I got on a sale and even though I never seen it I had to get it due to the characters being cats.

The Plot

Giovanni has a tough life between being bullied at school, toiling away at a job for bread money and having to take care of his sick mother. Giovanni doesn't know what true happiness is, but there is one day he looks forward to The Festival of the Stars, where he can see his best friend Campanella. He won't meet his friend under the stars but on a train among them to an unknown destination.

My Review

This was one of those "figure out the hidden message" movies. I guess Japan loves those thought provoking movies. I did figure out my meaning for this movie, but not to give anything away, it was depressing. I thought this movie would be nice and one of those great adventures, but all I can say is while the journey was mildly interesting, the thing it is building up to is just plain again depressing. If you want a cute kid's movie, I'd look elsewhere, but if you want to see a movie that will depress you completely while giving you thought provoking moments and interesting visuals then give it a watch.

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