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Nox Box: Hogwarts Express Theme(Jan-Feb 2019)- Mystery Box Review

The Nox Box is a bi-monthly "subscription" box(as in you just buy the month you want on Etsy and there is no subscription service to it but the theme does change all the time) that is Harry Potter based. Every 2 months the theme for the box changes, and you can get the Nox Box on Etsy, if you don't want the themed box you can get a house box that is great for gifts. The Nox Box is only $21.99 and is full of handmade items that you can't buy in stores.

The theme for Jan and Feb(so if you like what you see you can still order it) is the Hogwarts Express the famous train that takes the students to Hogwarts every year. This theme is a great one to start with for the new year as the Hogwarts Express starts Harry's new school year.

I honestly didn't expect so many items and all of it(maybe not the socks?) are handmade. Not to mention the box came with professional looking guide describing all the items and it looks like something the real Hogwarts Express might have. Here is the lowdown, on all the items

Owl Post Stuffie- Made by a local artist(to where the Nox Box is made not Chicago) and every owl is different Review: I like my owl it looks like a purple eyed version of Hedwig.

Pennwick Candle- Hand poured soy candle Review: Mine smells like apple, and I love the scent of apples.

Peppermint Toad Soap- Toad shaped handmade soap Review: The toad looks like the chocolate frogs and even comes on a nice pentagon shaped cardboard. I love how great it looks.

Trolley Bomb- Doughnut scented bath bomb Review:I'm not much for bath bombs, but I know my mom will like it.

Traveling Owl Sticker Review: A cute owl in a cage sticker that looks just like Hedwig.

Vector Art Card Review: The art card features a famous quote by Albus Dumbledore"Happiness can be found in the darkest of time, if one only remembers to turn on the light." I like how colorful it is.

Harry Potter socks Review: These socks feature the magic spell Obliviate and thankfully they aren't knee highs, so I can wear them.

Squidpop Pin Set-4 pack of pins Review: These pins are so nice I will pin a few to my bookbag.

Watercolor Postcard Review: I love the well done art of the Hogwarts Express with the steam coming from the top.

Post Paper Review: I like a platform styled note paper, they are needed as I'm always running out of note paper.

Glossy Art Print(not shown due to currently flattening out as it was rolled into a scroll) Review: Another beautiful art piece of the Hogwarts Express.

Overall Review This is one of the most amazing mystery boxes I ever gotten. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, I urge you to get this box. The items are all high quality, well made and you can't get pretty much any of them in stores. I will for sure get the next theme when it comes out. To Order

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