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Nox Box June 2019(Divination)- Mystery Box Review

The Nox Box was discontinued for a short bit but now is back. The major change is the size this box is about the size of my 3DSXL(slightly bigger, but that is the best comparison I have) and to reflect this the price is $10.99 instead of nearly $25 on the bigger box. The thing that has me most concerned with this is the fact it seems they will get other fantasy worlds involved not simply Harry Potter. I got the Nox Box for handmade Harry Potter, items not much else. So Let's crack open this mini box and see what we got.

My doubts have disappeared it's all Harry Potter related items(well also simply normal divination and fortune telling items as well and tea). As you can see, the theme is Divination for this box staring one of the weirdest Hogwarts teachers(and that is saying something) Sybill Trelawney who made Harry's prophecy.

Fortune Favors Stickers

These stickers are colorful stickers of fortune telling items and a Time Squid(I have no idea what that is) who is cute.(bottom right)

Astronomy Class Vector Print

I like the small art print featuring Frienze the centaur who got to be a second Divination teacher after his herd banished him.(bottom left)

Hold the Future

A Palmistry vinyl sticker not much else to say.(top left)

Gift of Sight Nox Pin

Featuring Sybill using a crystal ball. I will 100% keep this!(bottom right)

Wax Melts

These make their return and since I don't have a wax melt I can't use these but I'm sure someone will like them.(bottom left)

Set of Flair Pins

This set is of 2 pins of Unfogging the Unknown textbook and the crystal ball. Once again I'll gladly keep these pins.(top right)

Grim Prophecy

Showing Sybill revealing the grim I think this art card is cute as well.

Victorian Chi Tea

Made by an independent tea maker in FL luckly I have a tea cup with a tea strainer built in so I can fairly review this. The tea tastes pretty good and makes me want to have tea more often.

Overall Review

I feel you get a lot for the price and the quality of the items haven't dropped at all since the previous Nox Box. The items are smaller, but to me that is a plus as I live in a small apt. If you want a small Harry Potter handmade item box for yourself or even a fellow HP fan you won't be disappointed.

To Order

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