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Nox Box Weasleys Wizard Wheezes- Mystery box Review

The Nox Box theme for March and April is Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes the shop Fred and George Weasley owned. It was also one of the last shops to go during the Wizard War probably due to the fact the Death Eaters wouldn't find a joke shop a threat. I'm sure this box will be full of items based off things sold at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, maybe a darkness powder bath bomb?

This is everything that came in the box the Owl Order sheet is a list of the items included, so we'll do in Owl Order sheet order.

1. Demon Dung: Raspberry Hard Candy

I honestly did not expect handmade candy so that is neat. The candy has a nice sweet raspberry flavor.

2. Pennwick Wax Melts: Plum Orchid and Apricot

I don't have a way to melt these but considering I have cats I'm not sure I want to.

3. Weasley Pins: Set of 4 Flair Pins(the set right next to the Owl order sheet)

I'm scared to use these as the last set of pins I lost them because for some reason they fell off my book bag never to be found again when I was using CTA.

4. Special Nox Box Pin: made just for Nox Box(the big one on the bottom right corner)

Again unsure what to do to use it maybe put them on my cork board?

5. Art Print: Weasleys' dramatic exit(the big one in the back on the wall)

I plan to put this on my bookcase as I like it.

6. Sticker Sheet: Fun Sticker sheet(the sheet of cute stickers below the owl order sheet)

I like these cute stickers.

7. Pygmy Puff: Sheer Adorableness

I'm sticking him on top of my Harry Potter books.

8. Vinyl Sticker: Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Logo

Unsure where to put it but I like it.

9. Advert Art Card: Dragon Roasted Nuts

Might use it as a birthday card for my brother.

10: Advert Magnets: Jinx Off, Dung Bombs, Edible Dark Mark

I will 100% put these on my fridge.

Overall Review

The items were all interesting and I like them but some I'm unsure where to put or use. I will still buy the next box this one went all out again for the theme, and I love it just for that.

To Order

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