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Ode to Kirihito- Manga Review

I never heard of this Osamu Tezuka work, but I saw it at the library so I figured it'd be worth a read. The only thing that bothers me is that it is labeled as a graphic novel and not a manga.

The Plot

Kirihito Osanai is a doctor who goes to a small village who suffer from an unknown disease in an attempt to cure it. The disease deforms peoples faces into what is described as doglike unfortunately Kirihito contracts the disease himself can he find a cure?

My Review

This manga was a great tragedy and I wouldn't have expected less from Osamu Tezuka. I would actually like to own it and add it to my collection. This is not for everyone though as there is many dark topics including death, rape, and racism. If you want to read an old manga from Tezuka this is one to check out if your not easily disturbed.

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