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Okami- Nintendo Switch Review

Ever since I heard of this game, I wanted it. My favorite animal is the wolf and in this game you can play as one in a Japanese watercolor landscape with Japanese culture. Unforantely, I never owned a Wii, or a Wii-U but now that it is released on the Switch(Japan only release but has English) I can finally play what I had been missing for years.

The Story

Many years ago The demon Orochi controlled the village of Kamiki by requiring yearly sacrifices when Nagi's beloved Nami is chosen he goes to fight the demon. After struggling the wolf Shiraui assits and together, they defeat Orochi. A statue of Nagi's sword is enshrined and there is a statue outside, of Shiranui.

100 years pass and Nagi's decendent accidently releases Orochi as he never believed in the legend of Nagi and Shiranui. Orochi curses the land of Japan(Nippon). In Kamiki village, a wood sprite named Sakuya calls forth the Sun Goddess Amaterasu(who is the reincarnation of Shiraui) to remove the curse of the land with the help of Issun the artist.


To move Amatersu, you use the joystick in the joycon, and the longer you hold it the faster Amatersu goes. She can also jump with B, attack with Y, dig and bite with X and A pulls up your current status. The + pulls up your inventory and setting's menu which includes your equipment tools maps and brush techniques.

To use your brush techniques, you must hold the R button and press Y to draw you move the brush using motion for TV mode and in handheld mode you use the joystick. There are 13 brush techniques to master, but luckly in your inventory for learned techniques, they tell you how to use it so you don't have to remember all 13 by memory alone.

My Review This game was amazing the folklore, the artwork, and the story were great. I will say this game takes awhile to beat I finished in 40 hrs which is long as I don't do much for RPGs. I also never died due to the health bar and recovery items(which is a first in many games I often die, a lot). I'll likely play again but not for a while due to the time it takes to beat it. You will 100% get your moneys worth in getting this import on game length alone, add the characters, story, and the beautiful artwork graphics and it'll be worth every penny.

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