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Okamikakushi: Masque of the Wolf- Anime Review

Nothing is creeper then an old village that has a secret so be careful this Halloweenathon. I got this series for a silly reason, I love wolves and horror. I don't know much about this series other than that and no one ever told me about it so, I got it for its title and name alone. Lucky, at Anime Midwest it was on clearance for 50% off, so I couldn't resist.

The Plot Hiroshi just moved into the small isolated village and he already knows something isn't right in this small town. While the other students are nice he finds many just vanish never to be seen again. The villages Hassaku Festival which celebrates the towns oranges doesn't seem to promote much celebration in the townspeople. They grow concerned and they should be as people are running around in masks. It is up to Hiroshi to find out why the strange and stranger happenings are occurring.

My Review After viewing this series I feel its more of a dark mystery than straight horror, but there is no denying it gets creepy. I was slightly disappointed there was no real wolves in this, but this series is still captivating. If you like creepy small villages, inhuman races, and Japanese occult this series may be able to suck you in.

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