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One Punch Man- (1st Anniversary Review Request) Anime Review

I put a poll listing 25 different series and out of the votes One Punch Man was the one people wanted me to review most. Honestly surprised out of FMA, Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon even it was One Punch Man that people wanted the most. I'm also happy as it's one of the series with the least amount of eps as this series only has 12.

The Plot

Powerful monsters and villains have been destroying the world. The government decided it needed heroes so it started the Hero Association that employs those strong enough to stop the disasters and crimes. Saitama(One Punch Man) became a Hero for fun not to save the world but now strong enough to finish anyone in 1 punch has become a boring existence. Will he ever find someone strong enough to give him a challenge?

My Review Here is my groundbreaking opinion: it was ok. The heroes and how they were ranked was interesting and the final eps were good but the many eps to get to the climax weren't all that great. I feel that Saitama is just too strong so it is obvious he will always win and even in the end he barely had a bruise on him. If you like action comic heroes then you'll probably like this but it wasn't my cup of tea.

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