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One Week Friends- Anime Review

One Week Friends is a mellow anime, so mellow, in fact, I saw part of it at one point and then just dropped it. The only reason I own it is because during the Sentai Summer Sale it was $4 for the complete series and I needed the free shipping so can another look change my mind?

The Plot

Kaori Fujimiya has a one-week memory ever since an accident. Every Monday anyone, she has met the previous week is gone from her memory, so you can imagine why she hasn't gotten any friends. One boy named Yuki Hase decides to be her friend despite this shortcoming. Can their friendship last despite the memory loss?

My Review

I'm glad I decided to complete this series as once it grows on you it is a great slice of life anime. I truly started to care about their friendship and I'm glad even in the end they are friends. It isn't often there is a boy and girl relationship that is best friends and not a romance, that makes this anime special. If you want to see a friendship that begins anew weekly then, One Week Friends will warm your heart.

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