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Otomen- Manga Review

I'm a tomboy(a girl that likes things like Legos, video games, etc over things like dresses, makeup and growing up dolls). I always kind of wondered what it was like for effeminate guys, guys who like cute stuffed animals, sewing etc. Well, I found a manga series on it, and since it is now fully complete let's review it.


Asuka Masamune is a guy who loves crafting, reading shojo manga, and cute stuffed animals, unfortunately as a man he must hide his hobbies. Ryo Miyakokuza is a girl who can't bake to save her life and is only into manly guys. Can Asuka ever show his true self to the girl he is falling for?


Asuka and Ryo are a great duo in this series, but I find it odd that most of the guys they meet all have otomen hobbies. I do like all the otomen characters they each seem to have their own niche. For Asuka to stand out, I feel there should be more manly men, instead of comparing him to all the otomen. The romance itself is very slow going in this series and the ending feels rushed as if the author only had a few chapters to finish the series which might be likely. If you're looking for a slow burn romance wise and interested in seeing otomen, this manga will give you that, but not much more.

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