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Ouran High School Host Club- Manga Review

I watched this series many times, but I never read it. I have recently gotten the manga box set so now I can read it in one go. I loved the anime but will the manga disappoint?


Haruhi who has recently enrolled at the elite Ouran Academy only wishes to study. In her attempt to find a quiet place to do so, she ends up at the Ouran High School Host Club. When startled by the President of the club, She breaks an expensive vase. Being poor, she can't afford to pay it back so, she starts working at the host club to pay off her debt.


The ending is completely different from the anime and for the better as everything wraps up feeling more complete. The characters also grow and change in the manga making them feel more alive. I will say it's not as comedic as the anime, but it is still humorous and fun. If you like school romance comedies with good character development, welcome to the host club!

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