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Pax- Book Review

Pax is another find at Open Books, I got it due to the fact it's on a fox trying to survive in the wild. The book reminds me of Todd in the Fox and the Hound due to that. It is a book that states it's for ages 10-14 so, I'm nearly twice the age range.

The Plot

Peter's father dumps Peter's longtime friend Pax the fox in the wild due to joining in the war. Peter is sent to live with Peter's grandfather. The 2 friends set out to find each other in the wilderness with the upcoming war threatening to destroy it. Will they find each other or are they forever torn apart?

My Review

The journey of this book is better than the destination. Pax and Peter's stories are both compelling, and both meet great characters on the way. If you want to read a simple book on a fox and a boy and their journey then check out Pax even if the ending doesn't compare to the middle.

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