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Peacemaker Kurogane- Anime Review

Here is another Historical Japan anime. I never heard of this until I saw the box set at half price books. It just seemed interesting and for $20 bucks for a complete series? Why not. It just sat on the shelf forgotten after that until this Historical Japan kick I been having. This time, we're back with the Shinsengumi.


Tetsunosuke and his older brother Tatsunosuke are orphaned due to the murder of their parents. They both join the Shinsengumi Tatsu as an accountant and Tetsu as a soldier seeking revenge. Little did Tetsu know the path of blood and pain he would have to endure for a chance of revenge.


I didn't expect how this show would go. Tetsu deals with a lot of traumas due to the brutal lifestyle of the Shinsengumi that he witnesses. He changes in ways that I honestly didn't expect and his impact on the Shinsengumi itself for the better. I feel the Shinsengumi members are more fleshed out as they have their own personalities and outside of their duties they have fun and go to festivals as everyday people. If you like Historical Japanese fiction on the Shinsengumi that is brutal, but you want to see the humanity side of things give this series a watch.

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