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Peeps 2022- Food Review

If there is one famous Easter candy it is Peeps. For the few of you who don't know, Peeps are marshmallows covered in sugar. These are the flavors I found this year so lets review them all.

Classic Peeps


For a default I decided to get the classic peeps in my favorite color. I love these as usual with their soft and chewy sweetness. Despite the blue color, they are just sugar and marshmallow with no other flavor.

Fruit Punch Peeps


If you ever had Hawaiian fruit punch, this is exactly what it would taste like in Peeps form. The marshmallows themselves are also red, in this type of Peeps, instead of just the usual white. A nice flavor if a bit powerful.

Sour Watermelon Peeps


Lightly sour these Watermelon peeps are a nice tart fruity treat to eat.

Tropical Burst Peeps


These peeps taste tropical, but its hard to pin down the exact fruits they taste like. If you like vaguely tropical things then give these a go.

Sparkly Wild Berry Peeps


I love the berry flavor of these and they seem to have tasty berry sprinkles. These ones were my favorites so far, due to the great berry taste and extra berry sprinkles.

Chocolate Pudding Peeps


I had no idea what to think of these, due to not being fruit flavored. I was not disappointed, however as they tasted exactly like chocolate pudding.

Peeps Gummies


They a soft chewy gummies with a marshmallow flavor. Not much else to say on these.

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