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Pet Sematary- Book Review

If you like horror novels, you have likely heard of Stephen King. He is widely known as the king of horror, and has written over 50 novels. Pet Sematary is one of his most well known works along with IT, and The Shining.

The Plot

Louis Creed, a doctor from Chicago moves to the small town of Ludlow to be the University of Maine's health service director. The Creeds consist of Louis, his wife Rachel, his daughter Ellie and a toddler named Gage. They also have a cat named Church.

The Creeds like their new home, busy road, and all with their neighbor Jud Crandall who is a friendly elderly man with his wife Norma. Jud shows the Creeds a path behind their new home that leads to the Pet Sematary where the children in Ludlow over the years have buried their beloved pets.

One day while the wife and kids are gone for Thanksgiving Church the cat gets run over in the busy road. Jud who is repaying Louis for saving his wife's life, shows him what is beyond the Pet Semartary an ancient Indian burial ground where if you bury your pet there it'll come back from the dead. The power of the burial ground is growing and is hungry for more than just pets.

My Review

I have owned and seen the movie of Pet Sematary for years. It is only recently I have picked up the book and read it. I have enjoyed the book as much as the movie, and I rate this book an 8/10. If you're in the mood for a good horror novel, this Halloween then this book may quench that thirst.

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