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Pet Treater Feb. 2019- Mystery Box Review

Pet Treater is back! Pet Treater is the pet subscription box tailored to your pet based on age and activity level. Sanders is the one profile I have for this box a nearly 7yo cat. The subscription box/bag is only $12 a month and has at least 5 items so not a bad deal compared to many other pet boxes that can charge up to $30 a box. What's inside this month's bag of goodies?

This haul is a bit interesting catnip toys, catnip spray and a sticker. Are they any good and worth the $12?

Aerosol Catnip Spray- 5? (unknown value due to not being able to find this item sold anywhere)

My Review: I like the idea of catnip in a spray can as it'll work great for cat trees and posts if your cat into catnip.

Cats Review: *sniff the catnip then walk away uninterested*.

Bee catnip cat toy- $2.50?(unknown value due to item being unfound)

My Review: This looks like a cheap repackaged baby toy with catnip.

Cats review:

Sanders:*bats it for a min then walks off*

Luna: *looks at it and doesn't do anything*

Nibbly Chicken Cat Treats-$5

My Review: These are nice grain free crunchy cat treats I'm sure my cats will love.

Cats Review:*they gobble them up* TREATS!!!


My review: This is a cute sticker of a cat cupid but that's it.

Cataction JW Raven cat toy- $6

My Review: This looks nothing like a raven. The toy also while it tries to appeal to cats who don't like nip with bells I doubt It'll work.

Cats Review: *both don't even look at it after it is thrown*

Total Value: $18.50

Overall Review

This month's bag was a dud besides the treats. There was only 1 item work keeping(the treats) out of 5 which isn't very good. I'll be doing only 2 more of these(they will end when Sander's turns 7 in April) as they aren't appealing to my cats are much as they first did. I'm also getting bored with them myself but who knows maybe the next 2 months will impress.

To Order:

(This review is NOT SPONSORED all opinions are mine and mine alone)

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