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Pet Treater January 2019- Mystery Box Review

For those you haven't seen my last review on Pet Treater:

Pet Treater is a pet subscription box that you can tailor to your pet's age, for only $13 a month each bag comes with at least 5 items for both you and your pet to enjoy(some items are pet lover items like last time I got a kitty coloring book).

These are the items I got in this months grab bag. To be honest I never heard of the items pictured so I'm interested in seeing how my cats react to these. As usual ,for these mystery/sub. boxes lets see if this is worth it.

Prime Taste Treats Dental Cat Treats Super Salmon Flavor- $3

My Review: I'm not exactly thrilled these are mostly corn and rice as I prefer my cats to have grain free treats.

Cats:*rushed to grab every morsel of treat* TREATS!(not surprised they love them my cats love food)

The Cat's Meowee catnip-$3

My Review: This catnip is intense smelling it's a shame my cats don't care for nip.

Sanders:*sniffs it and rubs his head near it a couple of seconds then leaves*

Luna:*takes a sniff then leaves*

Flicks- nylon cat toys-$4

My Review: These toys are simple braided nylon and cats love simple toys, in my opinion.

Sanders:*batting and carrying it around everywhere the last 10min and still going*

Luna:*watches Sanders but doesn't go after the toy*

Wobble Bird catnip toy-$7

My Review:This toy seems cute and durable, but unfortunately my cats don't care for it.

Cats: *both briefly sniff it but then walk off*

Pet Treater Sticker-?

My Review: it's a cute sticker but unlikely I'm going to use it.

Total Value: at least $17

Overall Review: While my cats only enjoyed 2 items, the last bag I got was a huge hit with them so I'm willing to give this subscription bag another shot next month. If you want an affordable pet subscription bag(most pet subscription boxes/bags are at least $20) then I'd give this a shot.

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