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Pet Treater March 2019- Mystery Box Review

Pet Treater is back! Pet Treater is the pet subscription box tailored to your pet based on age and activity level. Sanders is the one profile I have for this box a nearly 7yo cat. The subscription box/bag is only $12 a month and has at least 5 items so not a bad deal compared to many other pet boxes that can charge up to $30 a box. What's inside this month's bag of goodies?

This has to be the most disappointing Pet Treater yet. Well, let's see what they are worth and what the Cat Critics think.

St. Patrick's Day Sticker- $1

The usual cheap sticker with a cute cat on it.

Vital Cat Freeze dried Minnows- $5

Sanders and Luna: *rush to eat them and chow them down in seconds* TREATS!

Review: These are whole freeze dried minnows you can see the eyes and everything and they reek. Of course though the cats love them they have never rejected a treat to date so I'll keep these until they're gone and not buy them in the future.

Kathy Ireland wobble fish- $6

Sanders:*sniffs it for 2 seconds and walks away*meh

Luna:*doesn't even go near it* A Few Min later *luna sniffs it and plays with it for a couple min and guards it from Sanders*

Review: It's seldom Luna takes to a toy so it's a keeper.

Cat Necktie- $4

I will not put this on Luna as she will likely me kill me in my sleep if I do so Sanders will be the unfortunate test subject for this.

Sanders: *doesn't seem to notice it's on the entire time he is on my lap, but the second he jumps off he tries to get it off and freaks out and once it's off he is ok again*

Review: I find it weird I'm getting cat clothing does anyone dress up their cats? From what I saw once they notice it's on they freak out and try to get it off and there are some cats like Luna who will likely try to kill you to even attempt it. I will not be keeping this and no you won't get a pic of him in it.

Small packet of Catnip- $0 (it seems to be a free sample)

Luna: *sniffs the catnip and walks away*

Sanders: *sniffs the catnip longer and licks it and then also walks away*

Review: I'm not surprised my cats aren't the biggest nip fan.

Total Value: $16

Overall Review

I will likely keep the wobble fish and the treats but the rest of it will likely be donated to another cat. Next months Pet treater will be in honor of Sander's 7th birthday and will be the last Pet Treater. If you like what you saw go ahead and order a Pet Treater for your cat.

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