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Pet Treater- Mystery Box Review

Pet Treater is a subscription box for cats and dogs and claims to tailor the box specifically to your cat or dog based on your pet's age. The box(well bag) is said to have 3 to 5 items in it and is only $12 a month. I put in my cat Sander's info as he is going to be 7 soon and am curious to see what they consider a 6yo cat to be into. I'm also slightly disappointed that there is no option for if your cat isn't into catnip(none of my cats are really into it).

It seems not only Pet Treater gives you items for your pets but if I own a cat I also get cat themed items for myself so that is interesting. Let's see if this subscription bag is worth it.

Pure Bites Chicken cat treats- $3.50

My Review: I like these treats as they are made with only 1 ingredient, freeze dried chicken.

Cat's Review:*rushes over to chow down on the treats*. Yay Treats!

Business Catual decal- $3.99

My Review: Not sure if I'll use it but it looks funny.

From the Field Sammy's Saturn Catnip- $5.99

My review: This catnip is earth friendly and made in the USA and is a cute design. Considering the cats like it I'll use the extra in the bag to put on their cat trees. I'm honestly surprised they love it.

Cat's review: *rubbing and trying to both play with it* This is better than normal catnip!

Colorama Cats and Kittens Postcard Book- $6.99

My Review: I'll likely color the cats and kittens in this postcard book, as the designs are simple and cute.

Jackson Galaxy Cat Dice- $3.95

My Review: They are colorful and like foam balls?

Cat's Review:*Sander's bats it around for a bit*I like this.

Total Value: $24.42

Overall Review

I got to say I'm quite impressed my cats seemed to enjoyed all the cat items and while I don't care for the decal much I'll enjoy coloring the postcard book. All in all, 4 out of 5 items is great and with the value I might justify seeing what next month's Pet Treater has. If you have pets, and want a cheap subscription bag to gift them then this might be a good option.

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(This review is not sponsored by Pet Treater)

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