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Phoenix- Anime Review

After the disappointing Princess Knight, hopefully the next Tezuka anime will be better with the Phoenix. The only thing I know of this one is there was a Phoenix crossover episode in the Black Jack TV series on a bird that gives immortality with its blood. Let's go in blind to the bird of life with the Phoenix.


Mankind has sought after immortality across time from the present to the future. Legend has it the Phoenix is the key to being immortal, so many seek to capture it to reveal its secrets. From warriors to princesses to ordinary people, they all long for the Phoenix and it's gift of everlasting life. The lucky will perish the unfortunate, seeing the horror that immortality can bring.


This is the kind of anime I think of when I hear Osamu Tezuka anime. The stories in Phoenix are fairly thought provoking on the consequences of the character's actions. It is hard to pick a favorite story, but the final one titled "The Future" and the other "The Sun" are great. This set doesn't cost much, but it is worth every penny and full of Tezuka goodness.

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