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Planet Ladder- Manga Review

I have owned this series for many years, and I figured I should finally bring this series to the light and review it. Chances are you have never heard of Planet Ladder a 7 volume series by Yuri Harushima. Planet Ladder is a mix of both fantasy and sci fi as while there is magic there is also alternate dimensions.

The Plot

Kaguya Haruyama is an adopted daughter of a normal family who was found abandoned as a 4yo. She has no memory of her life before being adopted other than a boy reaching out his hand in a world of flames. Kaguya also has the weird ability when her fortune is read for the card to always be blank.

Things get weirder when two men appear to kidnap her to bring her to another world. She ends up being kidnapped by a doll(like an android) named Gold who works for Prince Seeu is thrown into another world unlike hers. She travels with Gold and finds shelter in a castle whose only tenant is a beautiful woman named Shiina Mol Bamvivre. Shiina explains that there is 9 worlds and that Kaguya might be the one who is fated to be able to save one. Kaguya not satisfied with only being able to save one tries to find a way to save as many as possible, with the help of Gold, Shiina and the heartless Seeu.

My Review

In this story the world mostly uses science and the magic is considered rare if not world breaking. Each world is different and considers ours to be inferior which I find interesting due to all the technology we have other worlds consider it beneath them as they have developed ways to travel to other worlds while we have no idea other worlds even exist. The story can be complicated at times if you have a hard time understanding deep philosophical and scientific explanations(I admit I got lost a few times). I give this series a 7/10 for the 7 surviving worlds, and 7 volumes.

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