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Please Twins- Anime Review

I also got this on clearance at Rightstuf. I'm not really sure why I got this as I'm not the biggest fan of love triangle romance but who knows it might surprise me!


Maiku Kamishiro's only clue to his past is a picture of him with a girl from when he was a child. In an attempt to find his long lost sister, he moves to his hometown to find her. In response, he gets 2 girls that show up at his door both claiming to be his sister and each having the same photo. With no other way to find the truth, he allows both to stay with him.


This didn't surprise me. The series barely lets you know about the main 3 characters, you just know that Maiku grew up in an orphanage and the 2 girls were placed in foster care and both came to find their lost siblings. No details, not much backstory, nothing. So, what were the 12 episodes? Only on budding love triangles, knowing one is for sure his sister, so it feels kind of creepy the whole time. If you like love triangles, and love alliances then give it a watch, it won't take much time.

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