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Pokémon Lets Go Eevee- Nintendo Switch Review

Eevee is my all time favorite Pokémon, I have a plush collection of eevees, and even an Eevee clock in my living room. I have loved this cute guy since my first Pokemon game, Pokemon Gold Version for the Game Boy Color. My dream to have a game where I can travel with an Eevee has come true on my birthday(I'm not kidding my birthday was November 16th the official release date for this game).

The Story

You are a new trainer in Pallet Town with a spunky rival. You and your rival go to get your Pokémon the same day, unfortunately Professor Oak isn't in. When you find him, outside of the town an eevee appears and after catching him you end up with him as your first Pokemon your rival gets a Pikachu). Now you can go, and travel with your new found friend eevee to collect Pokemon and gym badges.


If you play this game in handheld mode without using the joy-cons to fling pokeballs at Pokemon then this game's controls are very similar to the handheld ones on Gameboy and DS. You use the joystick to move, and the letter buttons to use menus and battle Pokemon. If your Switch is on TV Mode, and docked you can use the joy-cons for a more motion based experience or have them in a controller for a more console experience. I grew up with Pokemon on the handheld games, so I went for the handheld experience.

To catch Pokemon you use the motion controls to center the ball into the circle on the Pokemon you want to catch, if you're lucky you will catch the Pokemon. There is no battling wild Pokemon(except for legendary Pokemon where you defeat them and catch them) if you run into one you can catch it or runaway. As you travel, in the grass areas you will see Pokemon running around in the grass, so you can easily decide what Pokemon you want to catch and not have to go through random encounters like previous games.

My Review

I love this game as much as I did when I first played Pokemon Gold for the GBA. This is a great title to start with if you never played the Pokemon games before. I also like the fact the Pokemon travel with you outside the ball to help you find items, and you can play with them as well. I give this game an 10/10 for being one of the best games I have played in a while. I will update when I complete the Pokedex as this is the first Pokemon game that actually made me want to do so.

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