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Pokemon: Adventures on the Orange Islands- Anime Review

After my previous review of Pokemon Indigo League, I figured I should throw this season in as well(not to mention I found this in near mint condition at a thrift store for $5). This season was a mini season in between Indigo and Johto(until the gen 2 games were released) where there is only 4 badges to collect and this is not based off a video game.

The Plot

Ash after having participated in the Indigo League is sent on an errand from Professor Oak to the Orange Islands where it turns out they have their own Pokemon League competition. Can Ash make a comeback and defeat the Orange League?

My Review

While this season is just a filler I liked the unique badge battles in the Orange League. They didn't just rely on battles to test you but also things like, wave racing, target practice, and bob sledding. The eps are pretty good except the last one while Ash finally battles against Gary the remaining ep is just Johto League advertisement. The Orange Island is crucial to watch between Indigo and Johto due to some major character development like Ash's relationship with Charizard. The series isn't as good as the first but give it a watch if you like tropical islands and new characters. I may end up reviewing the entire Johto League someday in the future if I get enough requests for it.

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