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Pokemon Black 2- Gen 5 Part 2 Review for the Nintendo DS

The final Pokemon DS game and a direct sequel to the previous entry of Pokemon Black/White. A new game but not a new generation has much changed since Pokemon Black/White or is it just a cheap cash grab while they work on the 3DS games?

The Plot

Two years have passed since the events of Pokemon Black, you and your rival live in the new city called Aspertia. You both receive your starters this time from Bianca, and the resident gym leader is Cheren the other rival from the previous game. You both set out to explore Unova, collect the badges and fight the new Neo Team Plasma.


The top screen is used for the battle animation and seeing your character in the overworld. The bottom screen is where all the menus, battle actions, and options are. You move with the circle pad, select with A and B for back, Y can be used for registered key items.

Not much has changed since Black/White. New features are Pokemon Star Studios, Pokemon World Tournament where you can battle trainers, gym leaders and even champions from previous games, and the Key System where you can adjust difficulty settings, access new areas and chambers to catch new Pokemon.


I liked this entry as much as the first and I recommend playing Pokemon Black/White and Pokemon Black 2/White 2 back to back to get the full story. The graphics for the DS was great once again and the story is probably even more mature than the last entry with themes of forgiveness and learning from the past. I also love the pokedex habitat locator, so you can make sure you catch everything on every route. If you love Pokemon, and enjoyed Pokemon Black/White, check out the sequel it won't disappoint.

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