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Pokemon Black- Gen 5 Review for the Nintendo DS

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

If you been reading my reviews at all, you will know this was going to be coming the Pokemon game based in New York city. I unfortunately never been unless you count the Statue of Liberty(I came from the New Jersey side). I'm told by a certain youtuber that this game was his favorite as he was "Brooklyn born and raised." So is this one of the best?

The Plot I can finally say the plot is slightly different not only do you have a rival you have 2. In the beginning, you and your friends Cheren and Bianca are given a package containing 3 pokeballs (the starters Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott) whichever you pick, Cheren will pick your type advantage, and Bianca will pick the disadvantage. You will travel as usual through the region collecting badges, filling the dex and beating the group called Team Plasma.

Gameplay Fairly similar to the previous gen the action on top screen and menus and options on the bottom screen. The new features include Pokemon are now fully animated, 3 way battles, dialog boxes are now speech bubbles allowing for more in depth conversations, season changes along with seasonal Pokemon and rustling grasses also have rare Pokemon.

Review I honestly enjoyed the story in this one as the antagonist has an interesting personality, and he learns from his mistakes. The graphics and set pieces in the game are amazing for just a ds game. I will say there wasn't a Pokemon I fell in love with, but I didn't exactly hate any either. Is it one of the best? It was good I don't regret my time, but unlikely I will play again. That said if you love Pokemon you will like this entry as well.

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