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Pokemon Johto League- Anime Review(300th Post Celebration)

I seen and loved both the Kanto and Orange Islands seasons of Pokemon, but I stopped at the Johto League as I kind of grew out of the Pokemon anime. I will be covering the entire Johto League so that is Johto Journeys, Johto League Champions and Master Quest. There is a lot to cover so lets get going on this journey.

The Plot

Ash and his friends Brock and Misty head to the Johto Region to see new Pokemon, make new friends and of course collect the gym badges so Ash can compete in the League Championship.

My Review

When I decided to watch this for my 300th post celebration I was kind of excited as I enjoyed both Indigo League and Orange islands. Unfortunately, this series(including all 3 seasons of the Johto League) consisting of around 200 eps and just drags on forever on average there is 20 eps between every gym badge. The series also likes to make its own filler battling competitions with most only lasting an ep but can last more. I feel like they just wanted to drag this out as long as possible until the next game release not caring if the story was just mainly filler. If you want to watch this I recommend not doing what I did and trying to watch the whole league at once and just watching 1 season at a time.

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