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Pokemon Moon- Nintendo 3DS Review

Nothing sounds better to do this cold fall season than to go to Hawaii, unfortunately that isn't possible, but the Aloha Region is the next closest thing to a tropical vacation right? Jokes aside, from what I understand this game was hated when it came out due to the long tutorial. Over the years, it seems people prefer the Ultra Sun/Moon over the original. Despite everything I plan to play this game while trying to keep an open mind.


You have just moved from the Kanto to the Aloha. You then rescue a Pokemon named Nebby who belongs to Lillie. After doing so, you get to pick your own starter Pokemon and set out on a journey to complete the Island Challenge, which is coming of age trials.


As usual for Pokemon games, this is an overhead RPG with adventure elements. You can catch and battle Pokemon in turn based battles. The Pokemon can then level up and evolve. New features, this time are fully 3D graphics, fully customize your trainer at the start while gaining outfits later, Alohan forms for several Pokemon, Z-moves that are powerful moves that can only be used once per battle, HMs are replaced by summoning specialized Pokemon at will, Poke Finder that can take pics of wild Pokemon, Moon's time is set for 12 hrs ahead of your 3DS time, and Pokemon Refresh to care and feed your Pokemon.


To me, this Pokemon game has one of the best stories of the mainline titles. I had no idea where things were going to go. While it has a typical terrorist organization, it puts a new spin on it. Lillie and Gladion are top tier characters for this series. They are both fleshed out and they both grow in the story. I also enjoyed the trial challenges that were a fresh take on the gyms. The only negative is there is no way to view the hall of fame. No pc picture just a man that tells you the names of the Pokemon species you used to battle the Elite Four. If you want an different take on the gym system and a good story for your Pokemon game give Pokemon Moon/Sun a chance.

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