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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team- Nintendo DS Review

The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series is a side series to the main line of Pokemon games. In these games YOU are the Pokemon not the trainer. You don't collecting badges either, you help rescue other Pokemon in need and defeat out of control Pokémon; to rise your rescue team rank.

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, you were once human but for reasons unknown you have transformed into a Pokémon(one of 16 different Pokémon due to results from a quiz you take at the beginning-I was a charmander). You wake up to someone has found you(your partner that you can pick after the quiz), who takes to a run down Rescue Team base. When you and the other Pokemon get there, you are requested to help find a lost caterpie, after completing this task, the other Pokémon asks to make a rescue team with you, and you will get to live in the rundown team base.

You and your partner help many others and the town Pokémon grow to like you but then it turns out there are natural disasters that may be caused by a Pokemon who was once human. The human was said to be a Pokémon now due to a curse set by a Ninetales who was furious at the human who abandoned their Pokemon to Ninetales himself. The town suspects you and decides you are better off gone so you and your partner set out to find Ninetales to know the truth, and clear your name!

I honestly like these series of games more than the main series due to the stories these games create and being a Pokemonis more fun than being the trainer. The core gameplay of collecting items, battling, and exploring are similar, so even if you never played a Mystery Dungeon game, but played the main series you won't feel lost on how to play. I will rate this game an 8/10 for great stories, characters, and gameplay.

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