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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity- Nintendo 3DS Review

I decided before I review the Diamond and Pearl remake for the switch, I wanted to go back to the Mystery Dungeon series for the first 3ds entry, Gates to Infinity. I remember this game being harder than the DS entries, but I still enjoyed it. How do I feel about it after all these years?


You wake from a dream no longer human, but a Pokemon. You quickly befriend another Pokemon who wishes to build a Pokemon Paradise, in doing so you make friends along the way who help you on your journey.


Pokemon Mystery dungeons is like the previous entries it is a dungeon crawler where you explore through dungeons to get treasure, items, gold and fight enemies on the way. The goal is to get to the end of the dungeon without fainting, and later on you can befriend Pokemon to fight alongside you.

The top screen is where all the action is the bottom screen is used for the menu and options though there is button commands for almost everything. You use the circle pad to move, L to bring up the attack menu then press A, B, X, or Y to use a pokemon move. A also is used to go through dialogue and select options.


I love the Mystery Dungeon series and this game is no exception, though it is easier than I remember it. It does get difficult near the end, but that is to be expected. The story was just as good as other entries and I felt an emotional connection to the characters. It was good time to review this game after Pokemon black 1 and 2, as this entry has Pokemon through Gen 5. If you have a 3ds and love Pokemon, join the Pokemon world with this entry.

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