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Pokemon Mystery Dungeons: Explorers of Time- DS Review

It is finally time for the next Pokemon Mystery Dungeons. I love this series more than the main Pokemon series(I stopped playing it at diamond and pearl though I did years later try Soul Silver which was ok). As you know from my last video game review I did love Let's Go, so I guess I mostly just like the Pokemon side games. Once again this series is great due to being a Pokemon.

The Story

You wake up on a beach after a stormy night. You are found by another Pokemon(the one you pick as your partner mine is a mudkip), after you help him get back his treasure which is a rock with strange markings on it, he begs you to join him to form an exploration team. Having no other ideas what to do you agree and begin training at the guild.

You soon find out there are strange fluctuations in time causing more crimes to happen and one day a time gear is stolen causing time in a region to be frozen. As things get more serious your team decides to head out to find a way to bring time back.


The gameplay is fairly similar to the last entry. You move using the d pad, X to open menus, A to select options and B to exist menus. To attack you can use the A button or select a move to be set and use L, and A to attack with that movie.

You can store money in the bank, store items at the storage center and even buy items at a shop to help you on your journey. You can also if you defeat a Pokemon in the Dungeon they may offer to join your team which will help you on missions.

My Review

The story in this one was better than the first and the gameplay was also improved. I actually got moved by the story and if you like time travel and Pokemon you'll enjoy the story as well. This series is a great dungeon crawler for Pokemon fans and may be a nice break from being a Pokemon Trainer to play as a Pokemon.

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