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Pokemon Omega Ruby- Gen 3 Remake- 3DS Review

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Pokemon Ruby GBA was a great game for me after my love for Pokemon Crystal I had to see how things went from there. I don't currently own an GBA, but I still own my 3DS to review the sequel to my introduction into the Pokemon game series. Is this remake better than the original GBA?


You have just moved into the Hoenn region from Johto with your parents as your father is hired as the leader of Petalburg Gym. Not long after you arrive, there is commotion in the tall grass beyond town, the curious kid you are you go and check it out. The professor is being chased by a wild pokemon in order to save him you pick a pokemon from his bag(your starter of Mudkip, Treecko and Torchic). Thus starts your journey of traveling across Hoenn to collect badges, fill the dex and stop team Magma from bringing to life Primal Groudon.


The general gameplay is that you use the round pad or D pad to control your character, you can use the round pad to sneak pokemon on the grass if you push it slowly. X brings up the menu to see your party, Pokedex, your profile etc. A new feature to the series is a Pokenav that lets you know if you caught everything in the route you're in and evolves as you learn HM moves like surf and dive. My favorite feature is the ability to fly on Latios above the world to travel or get to mirage spots where you can encounter legendary pokemon. The best part of that is you don't need the HM fly so, I was able to have a team of Eevee evolutions. Features that return from Ruby is the ability to make secret bases, pokemon contests and making pokeblocks to increase happiness and contest appeal.


I loved this game it took me a long time to get everything I wanted to get done including catching every pokemon on every route, evolving and breeding what I can. The thing is I wanted to do it. Most of the time in Pokemon, I'm done after the story, but this game was so good I tried to do as much extra stuff I could. I spent a total of 200 hrs on this game as a result and I enjoyed every minute. If you're looking to get back into the series, miss Ruby and don't have a GBA, or just want to add to your Pokemon collection give this game a go.

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