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Pokemon Picross- 3DS eShop Review

I love puzzle games and Pokemon Spin off games so it's not surprising I got so addicted to playing this game that I dropped reading a novel series for my Halloweenathon(for those wondering why there was no novels for Halloweenathon). Yup, so blame this free to play Pokemon cash in game for no horror novels.


This picross game plays like the usaul picross where you try to solve the picture using only numbers and blank spots to fill in with black blocks. The twist is each Pokemon picture you solve gets you a Pokemon you can use to solve the next one with powers ranging from filling in blocks for you to freezing time so you can finish a puzzle in a time limit.

Each new puzzle also has missions to get more picrities(which are used to unlock new areas and fill your energy gage when you run out of energy to fill in a puzzle), and mural tiles(used to solve giant picross puzzles of Groudon and Kyogre). You have to be smart about it as each puzzle will drain your energy meter(you can of course use picrities to make it so the energy meter never depletes or buy it with money) and each Pokemon can only be used for a puzzle once and many need at least an hr to reuse again. There is 30 areas to unlock total each with 4-15 Pokemon puzzles to solve and catch can you solve them all?

My Review

I loved this game, I will admit I did pay some money to make it so the energy gage was infinite, but I doubt it was much. The puzzles while fun to solve don't really look like the Pokemon until its completed and colored, but it was still a good time so I don't mind. Not all over 700 appear which I'm glad for as it'd take forever to complete but there is a good amount of Pokemon across all the generations(up to 2015) I also only completed the normal mode as the alt. world is much too hard for me. If you love picross and Pokemon this game is a match in heaven.

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