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Pokemon Soulsilver- Nintendo DS Review

I loved Pokemon Crystal so why not check out the remake of the Johto League, Soul Silver for the DS. I don't own the pokewalker so I won't be reviewing that, so I'll talk about what has changed since the Game Boy Color versions. Will I enjoy this more than the first Pokemon game I ever played?

The Plot

You are a new trainer setting out to explore the Johto and Kanto regions. This time with 2 rivals your neighbor and the rogue who stole one of the Professor's Pokemon.

Gameplay The display is now split into both the top and bottom screen the top screen is where the main game is and the bottom is menus and selecting options of Pokemon battles. You can use buttons or the touch screen to interact with the bottom screen, it is up to your preference.

The Pokemon battles work pretty much the same, except there is double battles now, and your Pokemon can now recover from status issues sometimes outside of the battle on their own. You can also travel with the Pokemon first in your party as long as you're not on a bike. I will also say that leveling up compared to the Game Boy Games does seem to be quicker, so there is less grinding.

My Review

I did enjoy this title about the same as Pokemon Crystal. I will say I'd recommend having Crystal or Soul Silver and not both and not playing them back to back as they are basically the same game. The use of the touch screen was efficient, the phone thing works better as well, as at least once per day you'll get someone to battle you for more exp. which helps when preparing for the Elite Four. As far as which game is better, I'd say this one is with better graphics, better menus, and option for touch or button use.

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