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Pokemon Sword- Switch Review

I have decided to skip Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon as after I researched they were pretty much the same game with some bells and whistles. So now, we hop to the Switch for the 1st main title, Pokemon Sword.


You and your best buddy, Hop receive your starter Pokemon(Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble) from Leon the Champion of the Galar region and Hop's older brother. You two then go to Slumbering Forest where you are chased out by a Pokemon. When you and Hop visit the professor, you convince Leon to let you take on the gym challenge.


Like every entry you go to collect, fight and train Pokemon to earn gym badges. Being between Sun/Moon and Scarlet/Violet, the game is not quite full open world but not just limited to routes as there are both routes and open areas. Other new features include Dynamax, Dynamax, Raid Encounters, and Camp Mode.


This is the most disappointing Pokemon game ever played. It was only 25hrs, which is short for A Pokemon game (my average score is usually 40 unless fully completed), the world is short and the story feels rushed without impact. Which is a shame because I was looking forward to an game based in the UK since I been there. I also love wolves so, I thought it'd be an easy game to like, but at the end of the day Violet with its glitches made for a better game than this finished one. If you want a short Pokemon game with almost no story then go ahead, but as for me, I'll see what Pokemon has in store for the coming years.

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