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Pokemon Violet- Switch Review

With the recent release of Pokemon Scarlet/Violet, I decided to review this game that has currently sparked a lot of negative conversation due to glitches. I among many was excited for this entry, with an open world full Pokemon mainline game experience and 3 different paths to choose what could go wrong? Let's find out!


You visit Uva Academy and meet your rival who tells you to go on a journey across the Pladea Region to find your treasure. You must complete the 3 tasks to complete your journey, the Starfall Street, Path of Legends and Victory Road.


Par for the course of a Pokemon game you catch, train and battle Pokemon. Now, you can explore open areas with no borders from urban to wilderness settings unlike previous games where you had borders on your routes and towns. Other new features include, traveling on your specific ride Pokemon, Let's Go mode where your Pokemon can fight without your involvement, and last but not least, Terastalizing that changes an Pokemon's type in battle.


I loved this game, the stories the characters and the adventure of going across the Region. While Miradon is a robot pokemon he is very expressive and likable along with the human characters. The ending to this game made me tear up and feel for what the characters are going through. If a story can do that it has done its job. Thanks to a friend, I was able to do multiplayer in a Pokemon game for the first time and the experience is great, he has the Scarlet version and we plan to complete the Pokedex together. The ability to travel in others' games and breed Pokemon together at picnics is great.

No game is perfect though, there are visual glitches that are more funny than annoying(at least to me), sometimes you get sent out of a raid room or it crashes in the raid room, but that is easily fixed with reloading. There is no level scaling, so you have to go back and forth a lot so, your team is up for the challenge. Other than that If you love Pokemon and open world games I'm sure you can find something to love with this entry.

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