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Pokemon X- 3DS Review

It's been a while since I played a new generation of Pokemon. Now, we are on the 3DS with its first main line title Pokemon X. As usual since Black and White, I never played this game but I picked X due to the beautiful deer on the box that reminds me of the forest spirit in Princess Mononoke.


You have just moved to Vaniville Town with your mom. It is a lively little town as you quickly befriend 4 trainers and all of you are called to meet Professor Sycamore the Professor of the Kalos Region. After receiving your starter, you venture out of town to explore, catch Pokemon and collect Gym Badges.


As usual, this is a top-down RPG. With the goal of collecting the 8 Gym badges and beat the Elite Four to be Pokemon Champion. You do this by battling and catching Pokemon to learn new moves and evolve them into stronger forms. New features for this game are fully 3D graphics, customizing your trainer, fairy type Pokemon, and mega evolution that allows Pokemon to be in a more powerful form for a short time during a battle.


Pokemon X is an entry I really enjoyed. The 4 friends who travel with you, riding Pokemon, the dark backstory to the world of Kalos makes this a very charming game.. It reminds me a lot on Pokemon white and black with the presentation and showing off the locations. On top of that, the photo guy was fun to get screenshots of the scenery. As far as the Pokemon themselves go, I did like the designs of the X natives that my entire team was them(screenshot below). If you have a 3DS and love Pokemon look no further than the Kalos Region.

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