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Pokemon Yellow Version- GBC/3DS eShop Review

I never played the first generation of Pokemon, unless you count Pokemon Let's Go Eevee. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Gold and Crystal. If you don't have a Game Boy anymore and have a 3DS you can get the game in the eShop(which is how I'll be playing it).

The Plot

You are a new Pokemon trainer and your first Pokemon is not one of the 3 normal starters, but Pikachu. Once you get your new friend, it is up to you to get the gym badges, defeat Team Rocket, and beat the elite four to be a Pokemon Master.


To move, you use the Dpad and for most interactions and menu options you use the A button. Pikachu will follow you around wherever you go and you can "talk" to him using the A button to see how he is feeling. To battle Pokemon, you walk in the grass and a Pokemon will appear if it is wild. To battle trainers, you just walk in front of them, and they will challenge you.

Battles regardless are the same, you can use items to power up your Pokemon and heal it, attack to use your Pokemon's moves to attack, and you can swap out Pokemon to give a better advantage. When attacking, you want to choose a move that will work best against your opponent using type advantages. You can only catch and runaway from wild Pokemon.

My Review

I enjoyed playing Pokemon Yellow, and I realized that Pokemon Let's Go series is a remake of this exact game, and while I do love the Let's Go one better, this was still fun. The Pikachu doesn't add much other than looking at his feelings but I do, like the nods to the anime like Brock stating he wants to be a breeder and Jessie and James appearing. If you're a fan of the anime and never played the gen one (don't have a Switch) then feel free to download Pokemon Yellow on your 3DS(unless you already own it on a GBC?).

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