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Pop Flavored Licorice- Food Review

Pop is very popular in America with so many brands and tastes and not to mention pop gimmick treats. I'm sure you heard of many popular pop flavored items like Bottle Caps candy, pop flavored Jelly Belly beans, and even pop flavored Popsicles, but until I ventured to the local Dollar Tree I never heard of pop flavored licorice. Today we will be reviewing the 3 flavors I have: Dr. Pepper(based off my favorite pop of all time), Crush Orange, and A&W Root Beer. There seems to be a Crush Grape, and Hawaiian Punch version but my store didn't have them. Do they taste any good though?

First up is Crush Orange, a very popular orange pop/soda and probably the safest to try as it will probably taste just like an orange licorice.

Upon opening the bag it smells like a sweet Crush Orange. The taste is a mild Crush Orange. It is good and I'll probably finish the bag but I'm unsure if I'll buy this again.

Next up is A&W, an Root Beer brand that did so well they have their own fast food chain. There is unfortunately few of these chain fast food places are left but they have good food along with their trademark Root Beer.

The licorice itself is a pretty faithful taste to root beer, I can even taste a very slight fizz as much as a licorice candy can give I guess. If you like root beer, this might not be too bad to give a try and for the buck I paid for it was worth it.

Last, and hopefully not least is Dr. Pepper my favorite pop of all time. I can never guess what the 23 flavors are in this but I'm okay with it being a mystery.

Upon opening the bag it smelled just like Dr. Pepper but when I ate one it was much more mild then the smell would have you believe. I do like this flavor and if you like Dr. Pepper you may not like it as not as you're okay with it not being that strong.

Overall, I think these pop flavored licorice turned out good, but not great due to the flavor being on the mild side. If you like pop flavored candy then these may be for you if you can find them at a dollar store.

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