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Princess Knight- Anime Review

I decided to review some Tezuka and Clamp works from my backlog for a total of 5. The first up is Princess Knight that I read the manga for before, but didn't review. So let's review the anime!


In the kingdom of Silverland, a princess named Sapphire was born. She was born with both the blue heart of a boy and pink heart of a girl due to an angel pulling a prank. She is announced to be a boy due to only a prince can inherit the throne. Several years later, she grows up to be a sword fighting "prince" with hardly anyone knowing her secret. She must defend her kingdom from Duke Duralumon without her identity being revealed.


I can see why the manga series is in 2 volumes because when you stretch out something like this it ends up having a lot of fillers. The animation is good for its time and it does age well. The plot on the other hand is so simple that watching 52 eps of it gets boring, repetitive, and you find yourself wondering "is this the last ep?". If you like the story of this, maybe read the manga.

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